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Gaphic Design Do’s and Don’ts

At Sketch Advertising our designers use their expertise to design a variety print advertising, digital advertising, logos, branding, websites and many more. In order to deliver and make our clients happy, we keep up to date with graphic design trends as well as the dos and don’ts of design.

Here are some tips from our talented designers at Sketch Advertising:

The less fonts used, the better

Fonts can make or break your design so stick to maximum 3 fonts in a design that are relevant to the message that you are creating.

White space is not wasted space

Use white space to your advantage. Your elements do not need to fill every millimetre of the page, allowance for breathing space between your elements can be just as effective and eye catching.

Avoid a one layout fits all approach

Don’t destroy your creativity by using the same concept, layout and font. We understand that there are clients that have strict guidelines to abide by but if there is an opportunity to design something from scratch, try something different and exercise your creativity, allowing your brand to stay “current”.

The cardinal sin of bad kerning

Kerning is the spacing between the letters and it can lead to disastrous outcomes if it is not correct. Nail this skill early in your design career.

(image source:

Aesthetic is important but don’t let it come in the way of readability/legibility

Design is essentially used to communicate and if it’s not doing that, what is the point? A common example is too low of a contrast between the text and background, keep contrast high to prevent this issue.

Another common error is the overuse of capital letters. Caps, apart from making the reader feel like they are being shouted at, have the same height and block like shape, making it hard for the eye to distinguish letterforms.

Ensure your font size is legible, and not too small.

Bringing order to chaos with grids

A well-planned grid can change your design from something average to something that is clear, clean and effective. Grids are used to help designers align elements on the page in relation to each other which often produces a neater and logical design.

The fewer the columns, the more uniform the design will be.

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Widows and orphans have no place in design

A widow is a term for a line of text that belongs to a paragraph and has moved over to the next column. An orphan is similar, but a single word on its own on a line, poor little thing.

In order to make your design look polished avoid widows and orphans.

(image source:

Colour discord is a big no

This occurs when colours that are separated quite far on the colour wheel are paired together. Discordant colours create a muddy or vibrating effect that makes it hard for the eye to find the line between each colour.

However, some designers use the effect of colour discord to create an eye-catching design where necessary.

There is a lot of thought and care that goes into turning a Word document brief into a visual masterpiece!… this included litres of coffee, seemingly unrelated research, head tilting and finally time.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform where people and businesses can share photos and videos with their social media community publicly and privately. It is a platform where brands can connect with their audience on a visual level.

The platform is used for visually appealing content such as photos and videos. Brands have the option to share real time videos through the “My Story” option and the latest addition, Instagram Tv which functions in a similar way to YouTube.

According to Instagram there are over 25 million business profiles worldwide, over 2 million advertisers worldwide use Instagram to share their stories and drive business results. 60% of people say they discover new products and over 200 million instagrammers visit 1 business profile daily.

When developing a business account on Instagram there are many advantages that can help you gain knowledge and insight into your followers.

The benefits are:

  1. Get real-time metrics on how your posts and stories perform.
  2. Gain insight into your followers and how they interact with your posts and stories.
  3. Add information about your company such as business hours, address, email and phone number.

Once these benefits are understood, there are various ways you can advertise on Instagram. The types of ads on Instagram are photo ads, video ads, carousel ads and stories ads.

You can measure these ads against various metrics, as the success to a campaign is relied on trusted metrics.

  • Drive awareness of your business, new products, app or service.
  • You can make potential customers more aware of your products or services by using ads that call for website clicks, video views and generate high reach and frequency.
  • Conversion is one of the most important metrics to consider. You can increase product sales, mobile app downloads by website conversions, dynamic ads and mobile app engagement.

You also have the ability to choose who will see your ads. You can choose from location to demographics to interests and behaviours. You can generate custom audiences and lookalike audiences. There is also the option of automated targeting.

All advertised posts are displayed in the user feed both on mobile and desktop versions. The ads fit in with the look and feel of other posts by businesses and people consumers follow.

Instagram allows users to create various polls using the story option. This is a wonderful feature because you can find out what your consumers truly expect from you, whether its asking why they like your brand or simply asking them what makes them trust a brand in South Africa.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

In order to have an Instagram business account, you need to have a Facebook account. Instagram is a great platform for brands to create a visual story about who they are, and it has a strong organic reach with features like “Suggestions for you” based on what the people you are following are liking, posting and following. It also allows you to add your Facebook friends into your following list.

Instagram is great for creating engagement with your consumers as there are various ways to connect with your audience and the app is constantly adding new features with each update. The Instagram developers take into consideration the users and are adding new features with you in mind.


Social media at Sketch Advertising

We at Sketch have delved into the complex and wonderful world of Social Media. As an advertising agency we understand that the most popular media is not always traditional media. Digital media is increasingly taking over through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram; to name the fastest growing platforms. We understand how big the impact on our clients’ brands can be when social media platforms are utilised to their full potential.

Social media is growing in South Africa and if you have not jumped on the bandwagon yet, here’s why you should!

Facebook has a large amount of South Africans with 16 million active South Africans and with 14 million users accessing the platform from their mobile devices. Twitter has 8 million users and LinkedIn has grown considerably as a professional platform with 6.6 million users. The possibilities to reach and engage with our clients’ audiences are endless.

Social media has the power to create awareness, drive engagement, improve ROI and create a loyal social media community. Here at Sketch Advertising we value the importance of metrics to ensure that our clients goals are met beyond their expectations.

Our rule of thumb is to post 3 times a week to stay relevant. We post content that is interesting, engaging, in line with trends and we stay true to the South African context. With that being said, we understand that with engagement comes questions and responses from social media followers. Answering these questions within 1 – 2 hours and “liking” or “thumbs – uping” their responses is vital for any brand image.

With our rule of thumb, rich media and clever content we are confident we can increase the following, increase engagement and foster meaningful relationships for our clients.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks for social media from the Sketch team!